Saturday, October 20, 2012

Writing in our world

Sorry for not blogging until now! It's been a busy week with lots to do! I was at the second part of a math workshop on Wednesday. We finished up our first writing unit and we're now exploring various writing in our world. We have bins full of different kinds of writing (menus, cards, postcards, newspapers, magazines, recipes, etc.). We spent two days exploring these bins to see what kind of writing we could find. Let's see what the class found--
G.L found menus
A.Z found a card
Y.C flips through a catalog
The green square table explore the subway map
J.S discovers a newspaper
M.D and A.M talked about the castle on this postcard
S.C reads the newspaper
M.W reads this card
M.L pointed at this picture in the menu and said "bao" (Chinese for bun)
H.L reads some of the Chinese characters in this menu-she found the Chinese characters for small and three
A.Z made a connection to a menu he found to something he saw his dad do (watch the video clip above)! 
At home, encourage your child to find writing. Writing is everywhere! Go on a hunt for different kinds of writing! On Monday, we will be exploring our school for more writing!