Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More bunk bed stories

Our current reading unit has the children beginning to read words! Today, we talked about pointing to keep track of the words we read. Many of the children picked this up quickly as they were used to pointing to the pictures when they were reading!
D.G shows the class how he points to the words as he reads
During math workshop, we continued with bunk bed stories. We read another bunk bed story and the children went back to make their own bunk bed stories and different combinations of 8.
A.Z drew 6 on the top and 2 on the bottom
D.G then went on to create more bunk bed stories-he added numbers to record
I.Z had 3 on the top and 5 on the bottom
M.W had doubles-4 and 4!
K.W had 8 on top and 0 on the bottom! 
H.L had doubles too!
During language through play...
M.L created a car with wheels
A.P painting with the watercolors
M.D created a rainbow
At the block center, Y.J, A.M and N.P worked together to create a road. They used the sketch books to plan out the road they would build.
Y.J's sketch of the road
A.M's sketch of the road with all the twists and turns
A close up of his sketch
Then they set off to create the road--notice the turns are very true to their sketches!
At the art center, D.G, A.Z, L.L and K.W used some beautiful junk to create vehicles! I could tell they were very inspired by our past trip to the transit museum.
A.Z glues two toilet paper rolls to some styrofoam to add wheels to his car
K.W cut out circles on paper and glued them on to a styrofoam board
A.Z glues another styrofoam board on top of another
D.G asked to use wires to create wheels-he uses his hands to mold the wire
He then taped the wire on to the styrofoam board
D.G molds the wire into a circle
K.W drew windows on to her car. She's testing out the wheels she created for her car
A.Z glued paper on top of his car for lights
This Friday, I will be handing out take home books. They will all take home a book and we will switch it out every Friday. These books must be returned in order to get another book. :) Let me know if there are any questions. Please see this link for the notice regarding take home books.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Bunk bed number stories

Welcome back everyone from Thanksgiving break! It was exciting to see everyone happily return to school today! We started off on a lot of new things today-were starting to read and write pattern books and beginning to tell more number stories and recording them! In math workshop, we discussed a number story about a sleepover with a bunk bed.
Our big bunk bed chart
M.D and L.L use the rekenrek 
J.S and C.C and I.F and Y.C work together with the rekenrek
After working together in pairs with the rekenreks on the rug, they went back to their tables to work on recording the different number combinations to create 8 (for the 8 people at the sleepover).
Y.C works with the rekenrek
C.C's recording sheet-one person on the top bunk and 7 on the bottom bunk
M.W has 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom 
D.G's recording sheet
Today, our special photographer was M.W! She took photos during science with Ms. Mark. Ms. Mark remarked that she took her job very seriously. She took wonderful photos to share!
The SMARTboard presentation that Ms. Mark gave
The presentation went over the planting of the baby tree

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Chugga chugga...choo choo off to the Transit Museum

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving break full of time spent with family and friends! On Wednesday, we have an amazing time at the Transit Museum! It was my first time at the museum too and the museum had lots of fun exhibits and collections suitable for children of all ages! I even saw an old 7 train that I haven't seen since I was a little girl! The bus ride was a bit long but it was well worth the ride! I highly suggest if you have time on the weekends to take your child back to see everything at the museum! They are open on weekends and you can use your cool culture card! Here is the link for the museum:

It was also the first museum I've been to that's underground! They utilize an old subway station for their museum space! Our tour guide, Kira took us around to see the different kinds of old subways and we talked about the differences from today's subways!
The class sitting on an old subway car
The seats are definitely different from the seats of today's subways
We looked at an old motor
G.L and Y.C on another old subway car
The class talked about how this subway was different from the one before
Miss Kira read the class the story, How Little Lori Visited Times Square.
We then went to look at the different turnstiles through the years and all the children got to go through all the different ones!
I.F pushes through the turnstile
H.L pushes the turnstile
This was the oldest turnstile
Turnstiles that required tokens!
Our current day turnstiles
We then got to create our own buses or trains!
The class works on creating their buses/trains
A.P draws windows
A.Z draws windows on his train
C.C draws windows
D.G draws windows and doors
S.C draws a row of windows
Y.J adds windows to his train
A.P puts eyes on the front of his train
Then, we had lunch!
Before heading back to school, we each got a turn to sit on the bus driver's seat!
See everyone back at school on Monday! :)