Monday, November 26, 2012

Bunk bed number stories

Welcome back everyone from Thanksgiving break! It was exciting to see everyone happily return to school today! We started off on a lot of new things today-were starting to read and write pattern books and beginning to tell more number stories and recording them! In math workshop, we discussed a number story about a sleepover with a bunk bed.
Our big bunk bed chart
M.D and L.L use the rekenrek 
J.S and C.C and I.F and Y.C work together with the rekenrek
After working together in pairs with the rekenreks on the rug, they went back to their tables to work on recording the different number combinations to create 8 (for the 8 people at the sleepover).
Y.C works with the rekenrek
C.C's recording sheet-one person on the top bunk and 7 on the bottom bunk
M.W has 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom 
D.G's recording sheet
Today, our special photographer was M.W! She took photos during science with Ms. Mark. Ms. Mark remarked that she took her job very seriously. She took wonderful photos to share!
The SMARTboard presentation that Ms. Mark gave
The presentation went over the planting of the baby tree