Thursday, November 8, 2012

Creating cards

We finished up signs and today we began creating cards! We explored cards again with a partner, sharing our noticings. Several students noted that cards were "beautiful" and had "pretty pictures" in them. Most students made the connection to birthday cards and it was the popular choice for students' creations today.
A.M and M.W noticed that there were lots of words inside the card
The front of Y.J's card
Y.J wrote a birthday card for me
C.C created a card for S.C
Here is the message C.C wrote inside
In math workshop, we learned to play roll and record. Working with partners, the children rolled a die and recorded it. We discussed what numbers we ended up rolling the most! Our class overall rolled 6 the most!
During language through play--
I sat with the block center group to see what they were adding on to yesterday's road.
They created a tall sign. M.W said "it's tall so everyone can see it."
They created a bridge. 
N.P added trees to the road
They also added power lines. Y.J said "it looks like an eyebrow!"