Monday, November 5, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Welcome back everyone! It was joyous to see so many smiling and excited faces at school today! I truly missed seeing everyone and I can't wait to get back to our daily dose of fun! Even though it's just been a week, I feel like it's been much longer. No matter what extent the hurricane affected you, at the end of the day its our city and we all feel pained about what happened. Over the week, I thought about how we could discuss the current events. I was amazed at how much conversation we had today surrounding what happened. The children knew a lot! Some of the things we said:
"The trees fell down."
"No subways and no buses"
"The playground was closed!"
"I feel sad Manhattan was full of water"
"Some people's houses broke"
"We have to use flashlights if the lights go off"
"No gas"
"Lots of rain!"

Here is an excellent Sesame Street link to address hurricanes...part 2 shows how we can help out post-hurricane!

When Ms. Rebecca came in, she went over some vocabulary for our class to help facilitate our conversations. She used the SMARTboard to show lots of images!
Side note--I have been volunteering around the city to help with relief efforts. If you're interested, you can check this website

We will have a big jar in our classroom to collect money for the Red Cross. If you would like to donate, bring any spare change and your child will put it in the jar in the morning!

I updated the November important dates here. There are a lot of important dates this month, make sure to check and see what's coming up! Today, in each child's folder is a notice about parent teacher conferences! Make sure to look at that and send that back as soon as you can.

Reminder, there is no school tomorrow for election day-remember to take some time out tomorrow to vote! :) See everyone on Wednesday!