Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kindergarten Couponers!

We have moved on to our next kind of writing found in the world-coupons! I, personally, love coupons and use them whenever I go shopping! Today, we looked at coupons (straight from my own wallet!) and talked about our noticings!
I.Z shares with M.D what she notices on the coupon for soy sauce
G.L and K.W look at the coupon together
N.P and Y.C share noticings from the coupons
M.W talks to A.Z about her noticings
The students noticed that the coupons have words, numbers and pictures. We talked about how we use coupons to save money when we go shopping! The children then went off to create their own coupons.
M.W made this coupon--Save $5 on apples!
J.Z's coupon' Save $50 on apples (What a great deal!)
S.C made this coupon for bananas-Save $4 on bananas!
C.C made a coupon for watermelon-Save $5 on watermelon!
One of the few non-grocery coupons-Save $1 on the police unit
H.L made a coupon for ice cream-Save $1 on ice cream
I.Z made a coupon for bananas-Save $1 on bananas
What a wonderful assortment of coupons!