Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Learning about Diwali

Thank you to all the families that came out today for parent teacher conference. It was a joy to sit down and talk to everyone about their child and for some, to meet them for the first time! :) It was amazing to see how much care, thought and aspirations each family has for their children! One parent was telling me how after reading the Time magazine from school, she went home and told her mom to go vote and telling her mom all about how to vote and who was president! It was awesome to hear how the children are at home!

Today was a half day and we spent some time learning about a Diwali, a holiday some of our students celebrate! We watched a short clip from National Geographic for Kids and the children made rangoli mats!
I.F and D.G work on their rangoli mats
A.M and MW decorating their rangoli mats
Y.J cuts out the design
I.Z uses glitter to add sparkle
K.W displays her rangoli mat
A.Z outlines the rangoli mat with glitter
 A completed mat