Monday, November 19, 2012

Our trip to the library

Today was our trip to the library! The library is an important place for children and a great resource for them to take home all different kinds of books and other media. I highly encourage you to take your child to the library often! Flushing actually has one of the best libraries in NYC in terms of space and books! Some of the kids received their library cards today! Those who didn't-you received your library form in your folder--you can bring it back to the library to complete your application process for your child.

Walking over to the library
While we were walking there, the children did lots of noticing of the environment 
Some children noticed the library truck! 
We're here!!
At the entrance of the library
When we got into the library, we went into the story room located in the children's section to listen to Ms. Joan, the librarian tell us about the library and read some stories.
Listening to the librarian 
I really liked the comfortable seating-so did the kids!
The children got to look through a bunch of books Ms. Joan picked out
The Flushing library is open often and have great hours! Here is a link for more info.

Big thank you to N.P's mom, S.C's mom and M.W's mom for coming with us to the library and being wonderful chaperones. Thank you M.W's mom for taking photos again! :)

Tomorrow, we will be having another fun day in the classroom reading, writing, counting and learning about Thanksgiving!  We have a special Thanksgiving art project to do tomorrow!