Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Signs and healthy snacks!

I hope everyone is staying safe with the nor'easter tonight! When we came back from lunch, the students noticed that it was beginning to rain heavily/snow. Many even went straight to the window to get a closer look. G.L even noticed that it wasn't sticking to the little roof area right under our window. 

In writing workshop, we are finishing up our signs! The class have become masters at thinking of signs to help others!
Our class sign chart
A.Z created a sign to remind others to walk through the in/out doors. He stretched out the word walk "wik"
M.W's sign helps people to remember to walk nicely.
I.Z's sign reminds others to sit on the rug
Y.J's sign says to be nice to your friends.
D.G created a stop and go sign in his picture
S.C made a sign for others to use when they go to the bathroom. She wrote, "The bathroom is for me."
C.C created a sign for the computer center to remind others not to press any buttons when they are done with the computer. 
G.L's sign reminds people to walk on the stairs quietly.
A.J made a sign to remind others don't jump on the carpet.
In math workshop, we are continuing with number combinations. We worked on creating different combinations of the number 6 using teddy bears and drawing combinations for our math congress.
J.Z grabbed 3 bears for jar 1 and 3 bears for jar 2 
Y.Z grabbed 4 bears for jar 1 and 2 bears for jar 2
Yesterday, we shared our work with a partner.
A.Z shows Y.Z the number combination he came up with
Today, we worked in groups to show number combinations of 6. 
I.F and D.G show 6 with 2 and 4
J.S shows 6
C.C and N.P work together to show 6
M.L, H.L, I.Z and Y.C 
I.Z and H.L show 6
A.Z and A.J working to show 6
At our math congress, we looked for combinations that others created.
Thank you to I.Z's family who brought in our first fresh and healthy snack! Today, our class had tomatoes!
M.W eats the tomato
C.C eats her tomatoes while writing
During language through play...
A.M, Y.Z, Y.C and K.W working at play dough center
Y.C molds the play dough into a bowl
Y.C made a layered cake!
D.G pretends to cook at the dramatic play center
At the block center, M.W. N.P and Y.J created roads
A.Z and A.J at the light table
A.J created flowers