Friday, November 16, 2012

The beginnings of a project!

Hi everyone! Sorry for not blogging till now! I was super exhausted Thursday! On Thursday, in math workshop, we worked on creating number stories with the rekenreks. We have been working on the number 8 and coming up with different combinations to create 8.
K.W and I.Z share their number story with the class
C.C and Y.C share what they did on the rekenrek
A.P and M.W tell their number story
Then, the children went off to create with 8 sticks.
A.P lined up his sticks to count
G.L created a dragonfly
D.G made a kite
C.C made a cloud
I have been observing the class during language through play and dropping in their conversations during play all with the mindset of figuring out a project for our class to explore. We will be starting a project on baking/bakeries. I started a bit of immersion on Thursday. At the play dough, the group naturally included baking in their play. Using their knowledge of the gingerbread boy story, the children created gingerbread cookies and even placed them on the cookie sheet and pretended to bake them in the oven.
Y.J sliced his pizza
A.Z holds up the gingerbread cookies he made
He places them on the cookie sheet to prepare for breaking
A.Z then created a layered cake
In the art center, I provided the group with a styrofoam to decorate like a cake.
S.C, K.W and Y.C decorate the cake
Y.C and H.L use the glue stick to paste the ribbon on the sytrofoam
Working together
It looks like baking will be a rich project full of different explorations.
Meanwhile in the block center,
M.D, J.Z and A.P built a castle
and at the dramatic play center
I.Z, G.L and C.C prepare some food using menus and cook books!
They serve their food to Ms. Rebecca
In writing workshop, we began looking at postcards!
I.F and I.Z look at this postcard from Paris
A.P points out the photograph on the postcard from Chicago
G.L and K.W look at this postcard from Germany
J.Z reads this postcard from Hawaii
Here are some of the postcards the children made--
A.Z made this postcard from Chucky Cheese for his brother D
A.J made this postcard from the playground
I.Z wrote a message for C.C on her postcard
S.C made a postcard from Y.Z's house
S.C's message to Y.Z
Today, we also read another issue of Time for Kids. In this issue, we read about apple trees!
H.B reads the magazine
G.L works on sequencing how an apple grows on the apple tree

Reminder, next week is a three day week. There is no school on Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving. Next Monday, we are going to the library and next Wednesday, we will be heading to the Transit Museum! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!