Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Turkeys, Trees, Lists!

We had a super fun day today in class! We spent some time talking about the first Thanksgiving and using the SMARTboard, we looked at Native Americans and Pilgrims and how they had a wonderful feast together! We talked about the turkey and how it's come to be the animal to symbolize Thanksgiving. We then worked on creating our own turkeys. I created a list of shapes and items they would need to put together the turkey and the children worked on their own to create the various items and then drew a background for their turkey. It was awesome to see how different everyones' turkey was and the creative backgrounds and stories they created for their turkeys!
The list of what we need to make our turkey
C.C cuts out the circles
I.Z puts together her turkey
G.L cutting out the waddle
A.P cuts out the feet
D.G pastes together the parts of the turkey
K.W places the feathers on to her turkey
H.L counts how many feathers there are
Ms. Darrell asked D.G, "Where is your turkey?" He responds "Here!" He also labeled his feathers!
I.Z's turkey is on the playground!
J.Z's turkey is at Chucky Cheese
C.C's turkey is also at the playground
G.Ls turkey is outside playing with other turkeys
J.S's turkey is at the zoo
N.P's turkey is going to a friend's house
A.J's turkey is in the garden-here she is adding grass to her background
M.L added more items to his turkey's belly
We had a short share circle and in partnerships, the children shared their turkeys with each other.

In writing, we created lists! We made a connection to the list of items we used to create the turkeys and we talked about creating lists for things we may need.
J.Z writes juice on his list
A.Z's list-milk, fish and mushrooms
I.Z's list-ham, milk and rice
H.L's list-cookie, pencils and apples--she wanted to point out to me that she only wanted one cookie and that's why there's no S at the end
I.F's list-cookies, cake, and "something you put on the roof -I'm scared of the dark, so I put it on my list."
For our snack today-we had apple slices. Thank you to G.L's family for bringing in apples for the whole class!
G.L eating his apple
I.Z eats her apple
Ms. Mark invited all of the kindergartners during recess to watch the planting of the baby tree they have been studying in science. A.Z took our class camera and took photos of this event!                                                                                                                                                
The baby tree the kindergartners planted with Ms. Mark
Kindergartners putting soil around the baby tree--there's M.W!
A.Z's view through the fence
The baby tree in its new home--there's S.C!
During language through play...
G.L and M.W sketch out the bridge that they want to build
M.W adds a car to the bridge sketch
Then, they built the first level of their bridge
The completed two level bridge with cars on it too!
G.L and M.W's sketch of their bridge with two floors
After building the bridge, M.W wanted to add details to their sketch-she added circles to show the pillars
N.P and G.L also work on a pirate ship--here they are putting the "treasure" inside the ship
At the dramatic play center--
Making a list for the store-they need milk
S.C wrapped up the baby to keep it warm
A.Z prepared a meal for the family-here he is cutting the potato 
S.C feeds the baby
A.Z pours tea into everyone's cups
Y.C creates a message 
At the science center, M.L, K.W and J.S placed items into a frame--

At the art center-there was continued work on the cake!

There was even collaboration between centers today--A.Z from the Dramatic play center called I.Z at the play dough center to place a pizza order using a menu.

Reminder, tomorrow is our trip to the Transit Museum! There is also no school on Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving! I may not be able to post a blog entry until the weekend--I will be traveling tomorrow and travel during the holidays always seems to get extra hectic!  If I don't get to see you before the end of the day tomorrow, I wish you and your families a wonderful Thanksgiving!