Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Hi families! I want to wish everyone a wonderful happy and healthy holidays! :) I hope everyone takes this time to relax, spend time with family and friends and just refresh their bodies and minds. Thank you to all the family members that came to our publishing celebration and our little play. The children worked really hard on their writing and learning their parts for the play. They were very excited to share it with others! Special thanks to M.W and S.C's mommies for coming early to help out! :) I wasn't able to snap too many photos because there was so much going on, but M.W's mom was able to take some! :)
S.C with her mom
G.L reads to his aunt
Publishing party
We took a class photo after our play!
Here is a video of our play, The Three Billy Goats Gruff!

On Thursday, we decorated pine cone ornaments with paint and glitter! The pine cones were collected from upstate New York straight from under a pine tree!
Painting pine cones
Ms. Darrell painted pine cones with us
J.Z and S.C painting their pine cones
A.M and M.W painting their pine cones
A.Z and Y.C
K.W sprinkled pink glitter on her pine cone
Some of the completed pine cones
Our pine cones drying!
A close up of some of the pine cones
For the last couple of weeks, first graders from Ms. Goldstein's class have been coming in to join us for language through play. At the block center, M.W and J.Z worked with R and P from first grade! Check out their amazing building-they built an apartment building!
During the holiday, remember to keep reading with your children and to take some time everyday to be active! Go for a walk, dance, run, go to the playground, and remember to eat healthy! Also, take some time to do some writing. Remember, it's important at this age, it's more important for children to enjoy writing and expressing themselves. Words may not be "spelled correctly," but it's important for children to phonetically sound them out. :)

Happy holidays everyone! :) See everyone in 2013!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Budding architects!

I apologize for the short blog post tonight--I had to run some last minute holiday errands! :)

I wanted to share this video of Y.J, M.W and G.L at the block center!

Here is the drawing they made---
And what they built--

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

FAN4Kids & Front covers

As promised, I was able to get some photos of the class during FAN4Kids with Ms. Tara thanks to A.Z! He took some great photos! The class learned about healthy eating today! They returned to class excited to tell me what was healthy!
A.Z's perspective of Ms. Tara
Another photo of Ms. Tara
Here's one of the whole class!
Ms. Tara shows the class what to do
I love the occasional finger in the photo!
Today during writing workshop, the class worked on creating the titles for their pattern books!
They're so excited for the publishing party on Friday! :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Ten Black Dots & our bakery menu!

We have been working hard on different combinations of 10, building a strong foundation for the number 10. Today in math workshop, we read Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews. It inspired us to make creations from our own 10 dots. Look at what the class came up with! 

I.Z used the ten black dots as coins in a piggy bank! "We can put ten money in a piggy bank"
S.C writes about her creation
D.G  made a train! "We ten train"
M.W made a car "I made a car."
G.L created the 7 train. 
H.L created a door of a school. "The 10 black dots can make a school door"
K.W created a flower
J.Z created balloons "A balloon is flying in the tree."
Y.J created an umbrella
A.Z created apples in a tree "I put apple in the tree"
J.S created a caterpillar
C.C created a rainbow "I looked at the rainbow"
Y.J and Y.Z working on their 10 dot creations
N.P created 10 balloons

We took some time today to create a menu for our bakery. I found an unused chalkboard in the teachers lounge and thought it would be perfect to use as a big menu for our bakery in our dramatic play center. We worked together to think of things we could serve at our bakery and how much each item would cost! We stretched out the words together too! I helped with the silent letters!

I can't wait to see what will be ordered at the bakery!

Reminder, this Friday we will be having a publishing celebration to celebrate each child's writing. Families are welcome to attend and listen to the children share their work. We will then have a short play of The Three Billy Goats Gruff!

Also, tomorrow night is a PTA Meeting at 6pm in the cafeteria and Family Yoga Night! I will be there at the PTA meeting and might join in for some yoga! Hope to see you there! :) 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

What can we bake?

I wanted to share some photos of the class during science with Ms. Mark and language through music with Ms. Kim. I will try to snap some photos in coming days of the class during FAN4Kids with Ms. Tara and language through movement with Ms. Dimian.

On Wednesday during science, the children worked with leaves! C.C took the following photos!
Ms. Mark with the class
Different kinds of leaves
Drawing leaves
On Thursday during language through music with Ms. Kim, the children made music with the maracas they made!
Making music with Ms. Kim
H.L and Y.J shaking their maracas
Shaking their maracas in the air!
For our baking project, our class will research and investigate the questions, "What can we bake?" and "How do we bake?" The children have been really excited about building the oven for our bakery in the dramatic play center. They looked at a variety of pictures and photos of ovens to inform their creating.
I.Z and J.S work on the stove top on top of the oven
I.Z colors the stove top red with oil pastels
They used construction paper to cut out burners for the oven and used a tube from the beautiful junk box to create a vent for the smoke to come out of
I.Z added these scraps of paper from the beautiful junk box to create the "smoke"
Then she wanted to add ribbon for the "smoke"
Trying out the oven
Baking cookies in the oven
Our oven!
It's truly amazing what can we done with boxes! We'll be using more boxes to create a display case for our bakery next!

At the project table, Y.C, M.D, A.M, and A.J worked on making items that could be sold or baked at our bakery!

Y.C kneads the dough with her hands
She then cuts out star cookies with the cookie cutter
A.M flattens the dough with the rolling pin
They put their finished creations into this tray
At the block center, I.F, G.L and N.P created train tracks!
I.F sketches out the plan as G.L adds a block
The train track
In the art center, students worked on creating and decorating trees! Every Friday, first graders from Ms. Goldstein's class visit us during language through play! P, a first grader, was great at assisting the art group in creating the trees.
Folding the paper to create the tree
Y.J wanted to use tubes from the beautiful junk box to create the bark
Adding ornaments to the tree!
Y.Z drew on her ornaments!
At the dramatic play center, K.W, C.C and A.P cooked up a meal with the help of a cook book!
K.W said "We made this hamburger"
Enjoying a meal!
This weekend, I went to the forest to collect 200 pine cones for kindergarten! What will we do with them? :)
 I also updated letters sent home with the letter sent home regarding next Friday's publishing party.