Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Apple boxes and little bakers

The children have been doing wonderfully with the bunk bed stories, thinking of a variety of number combinations for 8. Today, we started on apple boxes and thinking of combinations of 10! I told the class how I had to go get 10 apples-but only two kinds so they went off into partnerships to think of a way I could fit 10 apples of two kinds into my basket.
I.Z and Y.C working together
H.L and M.L work together
Their apple boxes and recording
We hung up all their recordings for our math congress
A.Z notices what A.P and J.S did-they had more than 10 apples
We used post its to help us visualize the apples
Y.J suggested 5 red and 5 green apples for the basket
A.Z also thought of 5 and 5 but created a pattern with the apples
In reading, we have been reading pattern books. Today, we looked for the twist in the pattern books!
During language through play, I introduced some vocabulary for baking to help support their talk during play.
I also bought in some pie and pizza dough for the students to play with. It was great for them to experience the texture and smell of real dough!
I.Z flattens the dough with her hands
C.C uses a cookie cutter on the dough
K.W uses the rolling pin on the pizza dough
J.Z sprinkles flour on the dough
bakers at work!
C.C pinches the dough
Today, D.G was our photographer and took some photos during lunch and during science with Ms. Mark. Check out his photos!
G.L and M.D at lunch
M.W at lunch
During science, they looked at leaf shapes
D.G had someone take a photo of himself
A leaf!
See everyone tomorrow! :)