Thursday, December 6, 2012

Combinations of 10

We have been using the apple box problem to come up with various combinations of 10. We used our big chart and post its to come up with these combinations and used our dry erase boards to record them.
K.W arranges the red and green apples in the apple boxes
I.F recorded by drawing dots
M.L wrote a number sentence
C.C also wrote a number sentence
M.W recorded by labeling the apples
A.Z and G.L's recordings
They went back to their seats to work with their partners again on creating different combinations of 10.

Our photographer today was K.W. Look at the photos she took during recess--

During language through play...
A.Z flattens the dough with the rolling pin
Y.C squeezes the dough
M.D made cookies and placed them on the pattern on the mat
M.W working with the dough
M.W pressed the heart cookie cutter into the biscuit dough
A.Z slices the dough
Y.C makes a dumpling
A dumpling!
At the block center--
They built a castle with a train track running around it
The train track
There's treasure hidden inside the castle
During language through music with Ms. Kim, the children planned what kind of item they wanted to put into their maracas!
I.Z's plan
J.Z's plan
D.G's plan
"because it sounds good!"
Ms. Kim's chart!