Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Go Fish! and growing our conversations

We have been looking at different ways to work on number combinations and strengthen our number recognition! Yesterday, we continued with working on apple boxes and looking for different combinations of 10 by filling the apple boxes with a different number of green and red apples. 
I.F and D.G filling their apple boxes
K.W and L.L filling up their apple box
A.M and M.W records their combination
I.Z and Y.C's recording sheet
N.P and C.C record their combination
Following their investigation, we had a math congress to share out our findings. 
Today, we learned a new math game-Go Fish! It's a great game for the children to work on social skills, vocabulary, language, and number recognition! They had such a great time playing, too! 
G.L, Y.J, Y.Z and H.L playing Go Fish!
K.W gives a card to A.J
In reading workshop, we have been working on pointing at the words while we read. Today, we talked about making sure our pointer finger doesn't get ahead of what we read.
M.W points to her words as she reads
H.L pointing to her words
In writing workshop, we continued working on our pattern books. Today, we talked about different ways to make our writing better!
Our editing chart
A.Z's see saw pattern book-he worked on adding finger spaces to his writing
Y.J added detail to his pictures!
Something, we are consistently working on in the classroom is building our talk especially around the stories we read. I have started doing read alouds to smaller groups while Ms. Rebecca pushes in and having a book talk with a small group. Today, we tried another way to encourage talk in our classroom!  I actually got this idea from one of the wonderful first grade teachers, Ms. Alfredson! Using unifix cubes, we add a cube each time someone talks and in the end, we have a visual of how much we talked. We tried this out today. I also took a step back and instead of me choosing who talks, who ever talks last chooses who to continue the conversation!
The cubes
This is how much talk we had today from The Three Billy Goats Fluff!
Thank you to Ms. Alfredson for the wonderful idea! 

Today in language through play...
G.L has a picnic on the rug
G.L says "We have to feed the dog, too"
We're working towards turning our dramatic play center into a bakery. So the play dough center worked on "baking" some baked goods for our bakery.
Today, Y.J was our photographer!
See everyone tomorrow!