Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Hi families! I want to wish everyone a wonderful happy and healthy holidays! :) I hope everyone takes this time to relax, spend time with family and friends and just refresh their bodies and minds. Thank you to all the family members that came to our publishing celebration and our little play. The children worked really hard on their writing and learning their parts for the play. They were very excited to share it with others! Special thanks to M.W and S.C's mommies for coming early to help out! :) I wasn't able to snap too many photos because there was so much going on, but M.W's mom was able to take some! :)
S.C with her mom
G.L reads to his aunt
Publishing party
We took a class photo after our play!
Here is a video of our play, The Three Billy Goats Gruff!

On Thursday, we decorated pine cone ornaments with paint and glitter! The pine cones were collected from upstate New York straight from under a pine tree!
Painting pine cones
Ms. Darrell painted pine cones with us
J.Z and S.C painting their pine cones
A.M and M.W painting their pine cones
A.Z and Y.C
K.W sprinkled pink glitter on her pine cone
Some of the completed pine cones
Our pine cones drying!
A close up of some of the pine cones
For the last couple of weeks, first graders from Ms. Goldstein's class have been coming in to join us for language through play. At the block center, M.W and J.Z worked with R and P from first grade! Check out their amazing building-they built an apartment building!
During the holiday, remember to keep reading with your children and to take some time everyday to be active! Go for a walk, dance, run, go to the playground, and remember to eat healthy! Also, take some time to do some writing. Remember, it's important at this age, it's more important for children to enjoy writing and expressing themselves. Words may not be "spelled correctly," but it's important for children to phonetically sound them out. :)

Happy holidays everyone! :) See everyone in 2013!