Monday, December 17, 2012

Ten Black Dots & our bakery menu!

We have been working hard on different combinations of 10, building a strong foundation for the number 10. Today in math workshop, we read Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews. It inspired us to make creations from our own 10 dots. Look at what the class came up with! 

I.Z used the ten black dots as coins in a piggy bank! "We can put ten money in a piggy bank"
S.C writes about her creation
D.G  made a train! "We ten train"
M.W made a car "I made a car."
G.L created the 7 train. 
H.L created a door of a school. "The 10 black dots can make a school door"
K.W created a flower
J.Z created balloons "A balloon is flying in the tree."
Y.J created an umbrella
A.Z created apples in a tree "I put apple in the tree"
J.S created a caterpillar
C.C created a rainbow "I looked at the rainbow"
Y.J and Y.Z working on their 10 dot creations
N.P created 10 balloons

We took some time today to create a menu for our bakery. I found an unused chalkboard in the teachers lounge and thought it would be perfect to use as a big menu for our bakery in our dramatic play center. We worked together to think of things we could serve at our bakery and how much each item would cost! We stretched out the words together too! I helped with the silent letters!

I can't wait to see what will be ordered at the bakery!

Reminder, this Friday we will be having a publishing celebration to celebrate each child's writing. Families are welcome to attend and listen to the children share their work. We will then have a short play of The Three Billy Goats Gruff!

Also, tomorrow night is a PTA Meeting at 6pm in the cafeteria and Family Yoga Night! I will be there at the PTA meeting and might join in for some yoga! Hope to see you there! :)