Monday, December 3, 2012

Up and Down the Ladder

Happy Monday everyone! and Happy December! and Happy 50 days of school!! I can't believe we are half way to 100 days!!! The year is passing quickly! Today for math workshop, we learned a new game related to the bunk bed stories we have been doing, called Up and Down the Ladder. In this game, we play in pairs and we take turns telling bunk bed stories with a bunk bed and teddy bear counters. Our partner then has to record what we did.
N.P records with C.C
Y.Z records as Y.J counts the die
C.C and N.P talk about their work
Y.Z places teddy bears on the top bunk
The bunk bed with teddy bears
Y.J's turn to record
M.L's bunk bed story
H.L records
In writing workshop, we worked on creating labeling pattern books much like the book, Huggles' Breakfast.
C.C writes "the CPK (cupcake)"
M.W writes "the cly (cookie)"
H.L writes "the KD (candy)"

During language through movement, A.Z took some photos for us. Ms. Kim has been working with the class on listening to different sounds and using descriptive words such as "loud," "quiet," "soft," etc. to describe various sounds. They have been listening to the sounds created by a variety of items in containers.
Ms. Kim
Ms. Kim holds up a container 
What kind of sound will this make?
Sugar--does this make a soft or loud sound?
Here is what our class thought
We have been collecting post cards! I reached out to friends from around the world to send us post cards with a message to the class. So far, we have post cards from Albany, NY, Chicago, IL, and 3 post cards from Hawaii.
Our map with postcards we've received! 
We have a display area for the students' creation made from beautiful junk!

Tomorrow night, you may come visit the book fair from 5-7pm. Some teachers will be doing a read aloud at 5pm--Mr. Groff, Ms. Tu, Mr. Andy and I will be doing read alouds! Our class will be visiting the book fair on Wednesday. If you would like your child to purchase books, please send an envelope with his/her name on it and the money inside.