Saturday, December 15, 2012

What can we bake?

I wanted to share some photos of the class during science with Ms. Mark and language through music with Ms. Kim. I will try to snap some photos in coming days of the class during FAN4Kids with Ms. Tara and language through movement with Ms. Dimian.

On Wednesday during science, the children worked with leaves! C.C took the following photos!
Ms. Mark with the class
Different kinds of leaves
Drawing leaves
On Thursday during language through music with Ms. Kim, the children made music with the maracas they made!
Making music with Ms. Kim
H.L and Y.J shaking their maracas
Shaking their maracas in the air!
For our baking project, our class will research and investigate the questions, "What can we bake?" and "How do we bake?" The children have been really excited about building the oven for our bakery in the dramatic play center. They looked at a variety of pictures and photos of ovens to inform their creating.
I.Z and J.S work on the stove top on top of the oven
I.Z colors the stove top red with oil pastels
They used construction paper to cut out burners for the oven and used a tube from the beautiful junk box to create a vent for the smoke to come out of
I.Z added these scraps of paper from the beautiful junk box to create the "smoke"
Then she wanted to add ribbon for the "smoke"
Trying out the oven
Baking cookies in the oven
Our oven!
It's truly amazing what can we done with boxes! We'll be using more boxes to create a display case for our bakery next!

At the project table, Y.C, M.D, A.M, and A.J worked on making items that could be sold or baked at our bakery!

Y.C kneads the dough with her hands
She then cuts out star cookies with the cookie cutter
A.M flattens the dough with the rolling pin
They put their finished creations into this tray
At the block center, I.F, G.L and N.P created train tracks!
I.F sketches out the plan as G.L adds a block
The train track
In the art center, students worked on creating and decorating trees! Every Friday, first graders from Ms. Goldstein's class visit us during language through play! P, a first grader, was great at assisting the art group in creating the trees.
Folding the paper to create the tree
Y.J wanted to use tubes from the beautiful junk box to create the bark
Adding ornaments to the tree!
Y.Z drew on her ornaments!
At the dramatic play center, K.W, C.C and A.P cooked up a meal with the help of a cook book!
K.W said "We made this hamburger"
Enjoying a meal!
This weekend, I went to the forest to collect 200 pine cones for kindergarten! What will we do with them? :)
 I also updated letters sent home with the letter sent home regarding next Friday's publishing party.