Saturday, January 26, 2013

Exploring Fondant!

Short blog post this weekend! Continuing with our baking project, the children have been exploring different ways to decorate their baked goods! I introduced them to fondant on Friday. Fondant is much softer than clay but more substantial than play dough. I explained how it's edible and how bakers use fondant to make decorations for their cakes and other baked goods. At the project table, children explored the fondant and created decorations for our baked goods!
A.Z and Y.J playing with the fondant
Y.J watches as A.Z flattens the fondant with his fingers
M.W rolls out, flattens and cuts out flowers from the pink fondant
I'll look into investing into more fondant for the class to play with! The DVDs with everyone's oral stories are nearly done and by middle of next week, every child should be getting their DVD to take home! :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Sorry for not blogging last night-I forgot my camera at school again. :( We had a super fun day today! We baked for the first time today and it won't be the last! We followed a simple recipe to bake some pumpkin muffins! We all took turns mixing the wet ingredients and took turns whisking the dry ingredients and some students helped to pour in some of the ingredients too! Each child got to take home two of the mini muffins! Baking together gave us better insight to how bakeries run! 

C.C mixes the ingredients together
A.Z mixes the wet ingredients
Eggs, pumpkin puree, oil and sugar
S.C pours in the flour
M.W pours in the baking powder
I.F pours in the spices
Y.C pours in more spices
J.Z pours in some baking soda
I.Z whisks the flour and the other dry ingredients
D.G helps to mix all the ingredients together
Whisking everything together
The pre-baked muffins!
During language through play, I noticed the children took what we learned from baking today and integrated it into their play!
Cooking in the kitchen at the bakery!
Y.C uses the whisk to mix the ingredients together
In math workshop, we played an add-on pattern game. With special dice marked with only numbers 1 and 2, children worked in pairs to roll a number and then added on that number of cubes to their pattern train making sure to create a pattern with their partner.
I.F and G.L playing add on
M.D adds on to the pattern 
I.Z counts how many cubes there are 
I'm currently working on creating the students' storytelling DVDs! By next week, every one will be able to bring home their own DVD with their oral story on them!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

More patterns and inauguration!

Our class loves patterns! Any time they're given the chance, they create patterns! They even notice patterns everywhere. I bought a new tablecloth for our play dough center and the students pointed out the patterns! The patterns that students create frequently are ABABAB patterns (patterns with two items that repeat). Today we worked on creating more complex patterns by creating pattern trains!
Y.J records his pattern train
K.W puts together a pattern train
Y.C records her pattern 
Check out some of their patterns--
Today, we talked about President Obama's inauguration. On the SMARTboard, I was able to show the class clips of the inauguration ceremony from yesterday!
Watching a clip from the inauguration ceremony
During language through play, we created a cupcake stand together for our bakery! 

I also brought in some cookie cutters for the play dough center to use to decorate some cookies!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weekend Update

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying their three day weekend! Monday-there is no school in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. As of today, the bus strike is still on so no word yet on when we can postpone our trip for. If we aren't able to reschedule for the Queens Museum of Art, all funds collected for the trip will be put towards our next trip. I'm hopeful that bus service will resume in the spring so we can go on more field trips!

I forgot my camera at school so I don't have any photos to share with you this weekend :( but I'll be back with another post on Tuesday evening! Next week, every child will be recording their oral stories via flip camera/digital camera!

On Friday, I sent each child home with a log in for a website,
<---there's lots of reading material on this website so feel free to check it out! :) 

See everyone on Tuesday!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our own piggie and elephant stories!

Another update-as of today, bus drivers are on strike which means there is no bus service...our trip is postponed...but if things change, I will let everyone know. I am sending home a letter tomorrow in each child's folder letting everyone know if the trip is canceled or if it is still on.

I put a digital frame with photos of the class on it. The students seem to be really enjoying it and seeing themselves and their friends in the photos!
Today during writing, we continued working on our oral storytelling. We've been working on descriptions in our stories through the senses-sight (color), sounds, and smells.

Next week, each child will be able to record their stories and we'll be sending the finished product home!

Today during language through play...
Y.J and I.Z working on a puzzle
D.G and C.C at the light table
G.L, A.M, and K.W at the block center
H.L pays for food at the bakery!
The class loves piggie and elephant stories written by Mo Willems! Today, they tried making their own piggie and elephant stories! 
C.C's story
A.Z's story
I.Z's story
Y.J's story
J.S' story

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What's on the menu for our bakery?

Today's story is from G.L (who is also the birthday boy), telling a story about going to the supermarket and then returning home for his mom to cook the food they bought.

During math workshop today, we learned another math game called Top it, which is a great game for number recognition and learning more/less and comparing number quantities. Each partnership received a deck of cards and they divided it between themselves. Then at the same time, each child showed the top card, they compared their cards and whoever had the bigger number took both cards.
K.W gives her card to A.M
I.Z gives her card to A.P
I.F and G.L show each other their cards
I.F and G.L
During language through play, the students in the art center created menus for our Little Pies bakery!
C.C working on the menu
M.W created this menu
S.C created this menu
At the bakery, D.G puts the cookies in the oven--
A.J made this list at the dramatic play center
At the block center--

Reminder, this Friday is our trip to the Queens Museum of Art, but it will be canceled if the bus strike happens! I will keep everyone updated once we know more.