Monday, January 14, 2013

A postcard from Ukraine!

We talked all week about how to choose a just right books and on Friday, everyone chose their own just right books for their baggies!
Students went through the steps of choosing their own just right books-taking a picture walk, thinking about the story and trying to read some pages to see if it was a good fit. The class really enjoyed choosing their own books!

We also got a new postcard---all the way from Kiev, Ukraine!! It's our first postcard from Europe! The class was excited and they loved seeing the trains covered in snow!
M.W and A.Z look at the postcard
D.G and J.S reading the postcard
S.C reads the postcard

We have been learning vowels! Here is the song we've been singing to help us remember--

There have been reports of a bus strike which may happen beginning this Wednesday. If your child takes the bus to or from school, they will need to make alternate arrangements. Also, if the bus company strikes--our trip this Friday will be canceled. We will try to reschedule but things may be up in the air unless it is settled.  :)