Thursday, January 24, 2013


Sorry for not blogging last night-I forgot my camera at school again. :( We had a super fun day today! We baked for the first time today and it won't be the last! We followed a simple recipe to bake some pumpkin muffins! We all took turns mixing the wet ingredients and took turns whisking the dry ingredients and some students helped to pour in some of the ingredients too! Each child got to take home two of the mini muffins! Baking together gave us better insight to how bakeries run! 

C.C mixes the ingredients together
A.Z mixes the wet ingredients
Eggs, pumpkin puree, oil and sugar
S.C pours in the flour
M.W pours in the baking powder
I.F pours in the spices
Y.C pours in more spices
J.Z pours in some baking soda
I.Z whisks the flour and the other dry ingredients
D.G helps to mix all the ingredients together
Whisking everything together
The pre-baked muffins!
During language through play, I noticed the children took what we learned from baking today and integrated it into their play!
Cooking in the kitchen at the bakery!
Y.C uses the whisk to mix the ingredients together
In math workshop, we played an add-on pattern game. With special dice marked with only numbers 1 and 2, children worked in pairs to roll a number and then added on that number of cubes to their pattern train making sure to create a pattern with their partner.
I.F and G.L playing add on
M.D adds on to the pattern 
I.Z counts how many cubes there are 
I'm currently working on creating the students' storytelling DVDs! By next week, every one will be able to bring home their own DVD with their oral story on them!