Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Building a display case for our bakery

We had a very busy Tuesday full of learning and fun! In math workshop, we worked on reinforcing combinations of 10 and counting on. Working in partnerships, the students rolled dice and their partners would decide how many more was needed to get to 10. 
A.M rolled 5 and K.W said he needed 5 more to get to 10
S.C and Y.Z working together
At FAN4Kids, the class learned a game with Ms. Tara that involved cooperation and turn taking. 
Throwing bean bags on the stars
Ms. Tara giving directions
Aiming for their targets
In writing workshop, we practiced telling our stories and used paper today to record our always stories. 
C.C's story -playing at the park with her brother--to listen to her tell her story, see yesterday's blog post!
I.Z's story-going to a party to celebrate Christmas Eve
Here are more stories we recorded today on the microphone. 
M.W's story--

G.L's story--

During language through play today, we looked at more photographs of bakeries and looked closely at display cases such as this one--

We talked about why we needed one for our bakery.
"to put the food"
"so people don't touch it and get it dirty"
"if they touch it, we will have to throw it out"

At the art center, children used boxes to create a display case for our class bakery! 
A display case in the process :)

At the play dough center, the students worked on creating a variety of lines on the dough--
A.P made a cake!
In the dramatic play center--
Look at what's cooking and baking!
Y.J is the cashier
D.G puts pie on the menu
After talking together, A.J and D.G decided pie would cost $3
At the block center--
G.L plans out his "my craft place"

His plan
I can't wait to see what we come up with tomorrow!