Friday, January 4, 2013

Dancing and Storytelling

Dancing is a great way to tell a story! In language through movement with Ms. Dimian, the class has been learning about different kinds of dances such as African dance, tap dancing, etc. Today I dropped by to watch them dance! Along with Ms. Sandner's class, they did the shuffle with included dance moves such as toe-step, heel-step, shuffle and jazz hands!
Doing a heel-step
Jazz hands!
Today, we practiced our oral storytelling skills some more focusing on using our hands to support our storytelling. At home, you can have your child practice their story! Here are some recordings we did today--
For reading workshop, we have been talking about how to choose just right books. Some books may be too easy and some may be too hard, but we're all looking for books we can read that are just right for us. A book is too easy for us when we are reading it too fast and they aren't any tricky words for us. H.L read everyone a book that was too easy for her--
Then, M.W read a book to everyone that was just right for her---
During language through play, we read a book about baking cookies to inspire our play!
M.L looks like he's creating a chocolate chip cookie from the book we read
I.F rolls the dough
Y.C sprinkles flour
I.F and Y.C work together to create a layered cake
I.F and Y.C with their layered cake
The play dough center also worked on creating baked goods. S and L from Ms. Goldstein's class joined the play dough table.

At the block center, D.G, J.Z and M.W built a castle with a road and bridge, building off of the work from the group from the day before.
Remember to bring back the permission slip for our trip to the Queens Museum of Art soon! Think about chaperoning for the trip-so far we have 1 parent that has volunteered! :) Have a great weekend and I'll see everyone on Monday! :)