Saturday, January 26, 2013

Exploring Fondant!

Short blog post this weekend! Continuing with our baking project, the children have been exploring different ways to decorate their baked goods! I introduced them to fondant on Friday. Fondant is much softer than clay but more substantial than play dough. I explained how it's edible and how bakers use fondant to make decorations for their cakes and other baked goods. At the project table, children explored the fondant and created decorations for our baked goods!
A.Z and Y.J playing with the fondant
Y.J watches as A.Z flattens the fondant with his fingers
M.W rolls out, flattens and cuts out flowers from the pink fondant
I'll look into investing into more fondant for the class to play with! The DVDs with everyone's oral stories are nearly done and by middle of next week, every child should be getting their DVD to take home! :)