Tuesday, January 22, 2013

More patterns and inauguration!

Our class loves patterns! Any time they're given the chance, they create patterns! They even notice patterns everywhere. I bought a new tablecloth for our play dough center and the students pointed out the patterns! The patterns that students create frequently are ABABAB patterns (patterns with two items that repeat). Today we worked on creating more complex patterns by creating pattern trains!
Y.J records his pattern train
K.W puts together a pattern train
Y.C records her pattern 
Check out some of their patterns--
Today, we talked about President Obama's inauguration. On the SMARTboard, I was able to show the class clips of the inauguration ceremony from yesterday!
Watching a clip from the inauguration ceremony
During language through play, we created a cupcake stand together for our bakery! 

I also brought in some cookie cutters for the play dough center to use to decorate some cookies!