Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our own piggie and elephant stories!

Another update-as of today, bus drivers are on strike which means there is no bus service...our trip is postponed...but if things change, I will let everyone know. I am sending home a letter tomorrow in each child's folder letting everyone know if the trip is canceled or if it is still on.

I put a digital frame with photos of the class on it. The students seem to be really enjoying it and seeing themselves and their friends in the photos!
Today during writing, we continued working on our oral storytelling. We've been working on descriptions in our stories through the senses-sight (color), sounds, and smells.

Next week, each child will be able to record their stories and we'll be sending the finished product home!

Today during language through play...
Y.J and I.Z working on a puzzle
D.G and C.C at the light table
G.L, A.M, and K.W at the block center
H.L pays for food at the bakery!
The class loves piggie and elephant stories written by Mo Willems! Today, they tried making their own piggie and elephant stories! 
C.C's story
A.Z's story
I.Z's story
Y.J's story
J.S' story