Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Signs and labels on our display case

We continued our discussion today about how to find a just right book by searching one for ourselves! During turn and talk, we discussed with our partners if a book was too easy, too hard or just right for them.
Y.C and J.S read through the pages to see if its just right
H.L and Y.J read through a book
M.W and Y.Z
During independent reading, the children had an opportunity to find a just right book for them by taking a picture walk, thinking about the story and trying out some of the pages.
During language through play today, the art center continued work on our display case-adding details such as signs and labels for the baked goods! C.C also suggested cutting out holes for the back of the display case for bakers to get the cookies, cupcakes, etc. The students at the art center-C.C, S.C, Y.Z and I.F were creative and purposeful in the choice of details they made and added to the display center. They came up with wonderful signs for the baked goods, prices and even signs for customers not to touch the display case.
The display case spurred a lot of conversation between the students and everyone wanted to look at it. Y.C walked over from the dramatic play center with the baby doll and said "I want the baby to see!" I added a banner for the bakery after school too!
Welcome to the Littles Pies Bakery!
Our bulletin board outside our classroom is now updated with the published pattern books!
In science today, the class used a variety of mixed materials to create trees. S.C took these photos of some of the materials they used--