Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The beginning of a new year!

Happy new year everyone! Hope everyone had a great holiday break! I'm looking forward to what 2013 will bring! We started off the year with some changes-everyone got a new seat! We changed our seating arrangements at our tables to mix up groups!

During math workshop, we worked on pairs. Each partnership worked together to create pairs of items and record them.
Y.C and N.P created pairs
A.Z and J.S working together
M.L and M.W record their pairs
A.Z and J.S also drew other pairs
Our next writing unit is one of my favorites-oral storytelling! I've done this unit 2 years ago with kindergarten and I've also done a modified version for prekindergarten. I knew this class would be fantastic with it because they love to talk! To get some ideas for their stories, the children browsed through books about experiences they might have had. I will also be sending home a letter requesting for digital photos of your child during a special occasion or experiencing something-such as i.e playing in the snow, beach, on a vacation, at a birthday, at a museum, etc. We will put the digital photos on the SMARTboard for viewing. If you would like to send me photos now, you can email them to me at

J.S reads a book about visiting a family member's house
N.P reads about a pizzeria
M.W reads about Lunar New Year celebrations
S.C was reading a book about having a new baby in the house and she told me it reminded her of when her mom was pregnant with her baby brother and they went to the hospital
I.Z reads about going to the dentist
A.Z says "My mom hasn't put up the signs for Chinese New Year yet"
Our storytelling anchor chart, we will be adding to it as we go--
Some of the stories that were told included going to a holiday party on Christmas Eve, going to the supermarket to buy chicken and cheese, going home and doing homework, going to the playground, and A.M told a great story about playing Marco Polo.  We recorded it!

During language through play--
The block center
I can tell our class as become positively influenced by the first graders from Ms. Goldstein's class who join us for play on Fridays. I notice this especially in the block center, where the children are building taller and more complex structures.

At our bakery--
A.Z baked cookies fresh out of the oven--he made sure to wear oven mitts!
H.L puts food into the oven
J.Z decides to rename the bakery "Pie store"
During science with Ms. Mark--

We have another field trip to the Queens Museum of Art on January 18th. The permission slip was sent home in everyone's folders today!