Thursday, January 3, 2013

Understanding more, less and equal

In math workshop today, we talked about one more, one less and equal amounts. The children are learning important vocabulary but it's really the beginning of simple addition and subtraction. They played a game with a partner where one partner drew counters and their partner had to demonstrate one more, one less and equal amounts. 
H.L and D.G 
J.S and A.Z playing
Y.Z and S.C
A game board
I.Z and A.P

Here are some great games for children to play involving math skills-- (great for 1:1 correspondence, counting, simple addition & subtraction) 

We practice our oral storytelling skills today! We used the microphone recorder to record some stories--I'll share those with you over the weekend (I forgot the recorder in the classroom this evening). Here is our updated storytelling anchor chart--

I also updated the January important dates page, check it out here