Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What's on the menu for our bakery?

Today's story is from G.L (who is also the birthday boy), telling a story about going to the supermarket and then returning home for his mom to cook the food they bought.

During math workshop today, we learned another math game called Top it, which is a great game for number recognition and learning more/less and comparing number quantities. Each partnership received a deck of cards and they divided it between themselves. Then at the same time, each child showed the top card, they compared their cards and whoever had the bigger number took both cards.
K.W gives her card to A.M
I.Z gives her card to A.P
I.F and G.L show each other their cards
I.F and G.L
During language through play, the students in the art center created menus for our Little Pies bakery!
C.C working on the menu
M.W created this menu
S.C created this menu
At the bakery, D.G puts the cookies in the oven--
A.J made this list at the dramatic play center
At the block center--

Reminder, this Friday is our trip to the Queens Museum of Art, but it will be canceled if the bus strike happens! I will keep everyone updated once we know more.