Wednesday, February 27, 2013

100 days of school!

Happy belated 100 days of school! I wasn't able to stay in school Monday, I was feeling very much under the weather but Ms. Liang was there to celebrate 100 days of school with everyone! For the special day, the kids got to make 100 day hats and share their 100 day projects! I was able to hang up most of the 100 day projects on our outside bulletin board--be sure to check it out when you come for Parent Teacher Conferences!

H.L shares the 100 stars she made!
100 stars!
A.P's 100th day poster!
A.P shares his poster with the class
Working on their 100 day hats!
I.Z wearing her 100th day hat
Today, in celebration of Black history month, musicians from World Harvest Music came to our school to perform some music and tell stories! The music was beautiful and lively and interactive too!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Learning the flow map

We have been discovering more thinking maps in class! On Friday, we talked about the flow map which is a great thinking map to use to sequence events. We used the flow map to sequence our personal stories. Look at the following flow maps our class created!
D.G made a flow map sequencing his personal story about going to the bakery
K.W made a flow map sequencing going to the zoo
A.Z made a flow map sequencing going to the park
"I drink water" and then "I leave the park"
I.Z made a flow map sequencing dinner at friend's house
A close up of her flow map
J.Z's flow map about going on the train
"I fall asleep"
"The train wakes me up"
S.C's flow map about going to Burger King with her family
A close up of her flow map

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Measuring with paper clips!

Welcome back from the long weekend! I hope everyone had a relaxing and fun break! :) I'm going to try to get back to blogging more now that I feel better!

First off, the bus strike has ended! YAY! This means we can plan more trips for the spring! Our next one is on March 6th to California Pizza Kitchen. The class will get to make and eat their own pizzas! I will be sending home the permission slips tomorrow. The trip money for the canceled Queens Museum of Art trip was deducted from the price of this trip. We will also need 2 chaperones. Please consider chaperoning, this trip will definitely be a fun experience for adults too!

Also, next Monday is our 100th day of school! :) All 100th day of school projects are due that day! Each child will get to share their project with the class and they will be displayed in our classroom!

I updated the important dates page!

Today, we continued working on measuring in math workshop. The children are comfortable measuring with the unifix cubes and the strips! We used paper clips today as our unit of measurement and the class practiced measuring various items with paper clips.
K.W measured the perimeter of her shoe
A.Z measured the length of his book
J.S lines up the paper clips next to her book
I.F measures the length of her shoe
We recorded our findings on this recording sheet
Measuring the length of a pencil
Measuring the perimeter of a crayon
We also had a special visitor today! Janan, our school's Math in the City consultant came to talk about sorting with our class. Together, partnerships worked on sorting a variety of buttons.
Janan working with our class
K.W and A.M sort by shapes
M.D and I.F sort by color
A.Z and J.S sorted by the kind of buttons
In writing, we have been working on our personal stories. We completed our anchor chart for personal stories! Can't wait to share these stories with everyone on the blog!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day families! I didn't feel well today so I wasn't able to make it to school :( Ms. Lillian is with the class today! I'll be back in school tomorrow! Thank you everyone for bearing with me through this tough time. I took the opportunity today to update the blog!

We started a new reading unit on developing fluency! This week, we've been working on paying careful attention to the pictures as well as the stories and say what's happening in the story. Many times, children will name what they see, but we are all working on telling a story. You can also work on this with your children at home-have them tell the story using the pictures with story language.
During independent reading this week the children marked a place in their stories with post its to share with their partners.
G.L shares a part for his book with A.J
S.C shares a thought about her book with Y.Z
Y.C shares her thinking with N.P
In math, we are continuing with our measurement study. This week, we introduced another tool for measuring-strips of 10 cubes. Students used these strips to measure a variety of objects.
A.P measures the length and width of the tracing of a book
S.C measures the side of a book, counting the cubes on the strip
I.Z traces the book to prepare for measuring
Y.C measures the magazine
Recently, our school began to implement a variety of thinking maps. The third graders in our school started learning about this and it's been incredibly effective in helping children map out their thinking and organize their thoughts. I taught our class the circle map using something they know a lot about-themselves!
G.L's circle map about himself-he likes to drink juice, he likes to make snowmen, likes to play ball
I.Z's circle map-she has a fish, a brother, she's a girl, she loves flowers and butterflies
M.W's circle map-she likes to be active-she likes to eat, race, walk, jump and hop!
A.P's circle map-he loves his mom!
The children got to share their circle maps with a partner!
I.Z shares her circle map with A.M
A.Z shares his circle map with A.P
I.F shares her circle map with D.G
We also recently started interactive writing together. Interactive writing is when we work together as a class to think of and write a sentence.
A.Z adds a letter to the word playground
Reminder, there is no school next Monday and Tuesday! :)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Lunar New Year

Hi families, I just want to let you know that blog posts will probably move from daily to weekly. Midyear progress reports were given out today in each child's folder--please make sure to check and read this to see how your child is doing in school. If you would like to speak with me regarding anything, feel free to email me. We can also set up a meeting before or after school, just let me know :)

In other updates, the bus strike continues so no word yet on when we can go any field trips requiring buses. Hopefully in the spring, we can plan some walking trips. The money collected for the Queens Museum of Art will be kept and used for future field trips.

Today, we talked about Lunar/Chinese New year. Many of the students were excited about celebrating and shared stories about how their families have been cleaning and cooking to prepare for the new year! Using sentence strips, a variety of papers and feathers, students created dragons!
D.G cut up black and red streamers to create a pattern on his dragon
Working on their dragons
M.W and J.Z working on their dragons
C.C rolled up the streamers into balls and glued them on to her dragon
Y.J cut out spikes for his dragon
A.Z with his completed dragon
D.G with his completed dragon
K.W with her dragon
Y.C with her dragon
Y.J with his dragon
We also ended our just right books unit today. We review how to choose a just right book and the students go to go book shopping and change out their just right books from their baggies! This week, thanks to Ms. Sandner's idea, we implemented reading notebooks where students can write a response to what they read.
Choosing just right books
J.S looks through a book to see if its just right for her
A.Z writes a reading response in his notebook
N.P writes a response in his notebook
During language through play, the block center created a town with pools and ramps!
The ramp
G.L said "This is for ducks to drink from"
The road
And A.M and N.P manned the little pies bakery!


Have a wonderful weekend in the midst of the storm! :)