Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Lunar New Year

Hi families, I just want to let you know that blog posts will probably move from daily to weekly. Midyear progress reports were given out today in each child's folder--please make sure to check and read this to see how your child is doing in school. If you would like to speak with me regarding anything, feel free to email me. We can also set up a meeting before or after school, just let me know :)

In other updates, the bus strike continues so no word yet on when we can go any field trips requiring buses. Hopefully in the spring, we can plan some walking trips. The money collected for the Queens Museum of Art will be kept and used for future field trips.

Today, we talked about Lunar/Chinese New year. Many of the students were excited about celebrating and shared stories about how their families have been cleaning and cooking to prepare for the new year! Using sentence strips, a variety of papers and feathers, students created dragons!
D.G cut up black and red streamers to create a pattern on his dragon
Working on their dragons
M.W and J.Z working on their dragons
C.C rolled up the streamers into balls and glued them on to her dragon
Y.J cut out spikes for his dragon
A.Z with his completed dragon
D.G with his completed dragon
K.W with her dragon
Y.C with her dragon
Y.J with his dragon
We also ended our just right books unit today. We review how to choose a just right book and the students go to go book shopping and change out their just right books from their baggies! This week, thanks to Ms. Sandner's idea, we implemented reading notebooks where students can write a response to what they read.
Choosing just right books
J.S looks through a book to see if its just right for her
A.Z writes a reading response in his notebook
N.P writes a response in his notebook
During language through play, the block center created a town with pools and ramps!
The ramp
G.L said "This is for ducks to drink from"
The road
And A.M and N.P manned the little pies bakery!


Have a wonderful weekend in the midst of the storm! :)