Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day families! I didn't feel well today so I wasn't able to make it to school :( Ms. Lillian is with the class today! I'll be back in school tomorrow! Thank you everyone for bearing with me through this tough time. I took the opportunity today to update the blog!

We started a new reading unit on developing fluency! This week, we've been working on paying careful attention to the pictures as well as the stories and say what's happening in the story. Many times, children will name what they see, but we are all working on telling a story. You can also work on this with your children at home-have them tell the story using the pictures with story language.
During independent reading this week the children marked a place in their stories with post its to share with their partners.
G.L shares a part for his book with A.J
S.C shares a thought about her book with Y.Z
Y.C shares her thinking with N.P
In math, we are continuing with our measurement study. This week, we introduced another tool for measuring-strips of 10 cubes. Students used these strips to measure a variety of objects.
A.P measures the length and width of the tracing of a book
S.C measures the side of a book, counting the cubes on the strip
I.Z traces the book to prepare for measuring
Y.C measures the magazine
Recently, our school began to implement a variety of thinking maps. The third graders in our school started learning about this and it's been incredibly effective in helping children map out their thinking and organize their thoughts. I taught our class the circle map using something they know a lot about-themselves!
G.L's circle map about himself-he likes to drink juice, he likes to make snowmen, likes to play ball
I.Z's circle map-she has a fish, a brother, she's a girl, she loves flowers and butterflies
M.W's circle map-she likes to be active-she likes to eat, race, walk, jump and hop!
A.P's circle map-he loves his mom!
The children got to share their circle maps with a partner!
I.Z shares her circle map with A.M
A.Z shares his circle map with A.P
I.F shares her circle map with D.G
We also recently started interactive writing together. Interactive writing is when we work together as a class to think of and write a sentence.
A.Z adds a letter to the word playground
Reminder, there is no school next Monday and Tuesday! :)