Sunday, February 3, 2013

The beginnings of measurement

Hi families! Apologies again for not blogging this week! It's good to be back blogging!

This past week we started a new math unit on measuring with nonstandard units! We started off with a problem-we have to go get new shoes, but we need to tell the shoe salesman what size we are. We only have unifix cubes to measure though! Let's see how we can measure our shoes with the unifix cubes--
D.G puts the unifix cubes against the sole of the shoe
H.L places the cubes against the side of the shoe
N.P measures his the sole of his shoe
A.Z traces his shoe and measures it at the same time
G.L traces his shoe
M.L places the cubes against his shoe to measure
M.W and C.C compared their shoe sizes by comparing the cubes
Y.C measured her shoe by placing unifix cubes around the perimeter of the shoe
Y.C's measurement of her shoe
S.C measured her shoe by tracing her shoe--her shoe measures 9 unifix cubes
A.J and S.C work together to measure their shoes
I.F measures her shoe by placing the cubes next to her shoe
K.W and M.S measure each others' shoes
H.L and D.G measure each others' shoes
A.J and Y.J measure the perimeter of each others' shoes
During language through play, the children have been continuing their explorations with fondant--
Y.C punches out little flowers from the fondant

Our puzzle center is slowly growing with more puzzles!
M.W at the puzzle center
At the art center, G.L continued working on his pirate ship--
He used a tube to create a telescope for the ship.
At our Little Pies bakery--
A.M said "I want a cake for my son"
C.C asked, "What would you like?" A.M showed her through the display case.
C.C hands A.M the baked items he chose
A.M showed C.C what else he wanted from the bakery