Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Our trip to California Pizza Kitchen

Hi everyone! We had such a great time on our trip to California Pizza Kitchen today! Thank you to the staff at the California Pizza Kitchen in Glendale who were so hospitable! It was a great experience for the kids to get outside of the classroom and to be in a restaurant and in a commercial kitchen!
The class sitting in the restaurant
Everyone got a chef's hat in preparation of making their own pizzas!
Modeling their chef's hats
Each child received their own individual pizza dough, a cup of tomato sauce and a cup of cheese.
D.G with his pizza dough

First step was to spread the tomato sauce on the dough.
spreading the tomato sauce
K.W spreads the tomato sauce with a spoon
Next, they sprinkled the cheese on top.
M.W sprinkles the cheese
G.L and J.S sprinkle the cheese on their pizza
After that, the kids had the choice of putting on toppings-pineapple, chicken and pepperoni.
D.G places the pepperoni on his pizza
K.W places her toppings on the pizza
While the pizzas baked in the oven, we got a tour of the kitchen!
Touring the prep area
We even got to go inside their walk through refrigerator--it was super cold!
Finally, the kids got to enjoy their pizzas!
It was a wonderful trip and everyone had so much fun! :)

Some reminders---next Tuesday is parent teacher conference day. I will be sending out everyone's times