Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Earth Day Symposium

Yesterday our school had our Earth Day Symposium. Super big thanks to Ms. Sandner for organizing it! It was wonderful and the kids had a blast learning about all the different ways we can take care of our planet!
Ms. Sandner talks about the landfill
Our class listening to Ms. Sandner
We watched a SMARTboard presentation on deforestation created by the third graders
Ms. Cruse's class recycled old crayons to new ones and we used them to make a mural
We played with instruments created from recycled materials
Playing the recycling game
Mr. L talks about composting with our compost bin!
Viewing all the Earth Day projects on display
Recycling snack wrappers!
I.F plays with instruments made from recycled materials

Sunday, April 21, 2013

April Update

Hi everyone! I know it's been a long time since I updated. I've been busy with my family so updates on the blog will probably come once a month.

Tomorrow, Monday, is our Earth Day Symposium! Special shout out to Ms. Sandner for organizing it! I introduced our class' compost bin on Friday and the class was incredibly fascinated with the red wigglers. Red wigglers eat veggies, fruits, coffee beans, and other kinds of trash and produce compost. Our compost bin will be on display at the symposium. We also created a 3D compost bin using mixed materials--
The kids used model magic to create red wigglers
Red wigglers nestle in newspaper spreadings-so we reused newspaper for our compost collages
K.W pastes newspaper onto her collage
I.F working on her compost collage
N.P works on her compost collage
A.Z holds a red wiggler
I.Z holds a red wiggler
A.P and I.Z observe the red wigglers
G.L holds a red wiggler
Here are some of the completed composting collages---

Here is our display for the Earth Day Symposium!