Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happy May!

Hi everyone! What beautiful weather we've been getting! We're in the home stretch now with two more months of kindergarten left---it's amazing how time flies! I just updated the important dates page with May dates...there's lots of events in May so keep an eye out!!
This past Tuesday, Chancellor Walcott came to visit our school and eat lunch with us. We're now in the news!! Here's just one link about our school--

Here is the official press release from the New York City Department of Education--

In other news, we have been working with Studio in the school to bring more arts into our curriculum! Kindergarten's visiting artist, Mr. O has been coming in every Tuesday to do an art project with us. We have been focusing on paper and using paper to create collages and images.
Yesterday, we went to the Al Oerter Recreation Center to see the traveling puppets in the park marionette troupe.
 Today, Music for Many came to visit our school again to tell some Earth and Sky stories!
 In reading and writing, we have been immersed ourselves in nonfiction texts and learning about how to observe closely. We took a day to observe an object and to draw it with details. We used our senses to describe it as well. Here are some of the students' examples--
A.Z observed coffee grounds
D.D observed a pine cone
K.W observed a shell
J.Z observed a rock
S.C observed a feather
A.M observed a shell
Our observation chart
We also updated our bulletin boards outside with the wonderful how to's written by our class!
Our how to bulletin
How to run-we wrote this in interactive writing