Sunday, May 12, 2013

Review of Health and Wellness Week!

Hope everyone is having a healthy and well weekend so far! Health and Wellness week has been fantastic! In school news, our school now has a twitter--please follow for exciting updates on our school-

On Friday, we had our run around TALES! It was great to see so many students excited about running!
Congrats to Ms. Mark for winning the staff run around TALES!
I love running! I've been training and trying to improve my running! Next week, I'll be running the Brooklyn Half Marathon!

This week in Studio in the School, students talked about different animal skins and textures, using paint, students created patterns and prints for different animals.
In math, we have been working on money. This week, we started with the penny and nickel!
In other exciting news, our class has set up its incubator for chicks! In 21 days, we'll have little chicks in our class! We'll be learning all about the life cycle of a chicken!