Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Starting Nonfiction work

Today, we started our nonfiction reading and writing units. We'll be reading nonfiction books in depth and writing all about books about a particular animal. Today, each child chose an animal that they will be researching. See below chart. Ask them at home to talk about their animals daily so they become more familiar with their animal!
Trip slips for the Queens Zoo trip were sent home yesterday -- please make sure to sign those and return with the fee as soon as you can :)

We started observing the incubator and are waiting patiently for our chickies to hatch! Everyday we count down to 21! It takes 21 days for the chicks to hatch!
 Mr. O came into today to continue the student's art animal puppet art project. Last week, students created their own texiles and patterned paper for their animal skins. Today, they used the paper they created to paste onto the cardboard they will use for their animal's bodies.