Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Trip to the Queens Botanical Garden

Today was such a beautiful day! I'm glad it was perfect weather for our trip to the garden. I was getting worried it would be too humid and the children would get tired on our walk.

Observing nature
Walking through the garden
We observed the different plants and trees
Checking out the bee hive
Smelling the roses
A.M and I.Z smelling the roses
Listening to Ms. Robin
Smelling lavender
We caught a glimpse of two ducks by the water
Ms. Robin lifted up a log to show us the insects
Looking at the water fountain
Class Photo!!
Thanks to M.W's mom for taking photos again! Thank you to A.M and M.W's mom for chaperoning. Also thanks to our wonderful tour guide Ms. Robin for showing us around and teaching us more about flowers, plants and insects. To find more info about the Queens Botanical Garden, click here. You can always use your cool culture card to get in for free.

Mr. O also came into today to do art with us and to finish up our animal puppets!

Reminder, there is no school this Thursday for Brooklyn Queens Day!