Friday, September 27, 2013

Partner Reading, A healthy concert and more pattern making!

Almost a month of kindergarten has passed! We are knee deep in establishing strong routines in our classroom!

We have been practicing partner reading. We will be partner reading frequently throughout the year. Children take turns reading books to one another, reading a book together and talking about books with one another.
S.L and Q.Z partner reading
G.Y and E.W partner reading
S.K and F.L partner reading
We have been reading poetry together to learn new words. This week, we added the word "me" to the word wall!
N.R reads the "I am me" poem
We worked on creating patterns and sorting this week! Students used pattern blocks and foam shapes to create a variety of patterns--
J.Z creates three different patterns
L.O creates a pattern with four different foam shapes
R.D's pattern
F.L's patterns
S.K's pattern
K.L's pattern
B.W's pattern
We learned to sort by shape, color and size!
B.W sorts by size
L.O and E.V sorting
L.O sorts by color
N.R sorts by shape
We also created graphs. We made a birthday graph to chart how many birthdays we had in each month and a graph to chart how many letters they have in their names.
We have been working on making detailed pictures to tell our stories and also beginning to label.

Thinking Maps
This week, the students were introduced to the bubble map. The bubble map is used to describe! Together, we created a bubble map for our principal, Mr. Groff.
Then the children worked on bubble maps for themselves. It's a work in progress now as many children have difficulty with words, but I encouraged drawing pictures for descriptors!
Language through Play
We learned new centers-light table, science center, and sensory box
A Healthy Concert
Jay Mankita, a musician who writes and sings songs about healthy eating came to our school today for a small concert. He sang songs about eating healthy foods and eating healthy to have strong bones!

Reminders & Announcements
Starting next Tuesday, class will begin at 8:00am. Some parents asked me about the letter that was sent home regarding Academic Intervention Services. The office made a mistake, instead of academic intervention services, I will be taking the whole class starting at 8:00am and starting the day earlier to make time for added play time.Please make sure your child arrives to school for the 8:00am start time on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays!

If you haven't done so already, please send back the permission slips and trip fee for our two trips to the Queens County Farm and to the NYC Transit Museum.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Hi everyone! My apologies for not posting this past week. I've been in the midst of marathon training and going through the first week of school. This week we've been learning a lot about each other and the classroom. The first month of kindergarten focuses on establishing a strong foundation of routines. This Thursday is our Back to school night. We will be reviewing kindergarten expectations and curriculum.

In kindergarten, we will be learning to read which includes learning new words, talking about the stories we read, analyzing the stories we read, etc. This month, we will be working on establishing our independent reading routines. Every day so far we have been doing independent reading, which is when the students read on their on. Some routines we have been practicing are turning our chairs back to back (to create an individual space to read), choosing books, looking at the pictures and thinking about the story.
J.C and K.L independently reading
G.Y reading Caps for Sale
J.J points to the words as he reads
In math workshop, we have been exploring different math manipulatives. We will be using these materials for a variety of math games and to supplement the math concepts we will be learning. We have learned about pattern blocks, dominoes, foam shapes and pattern block templates. This week we have started talking about sorting! Every day, we also do a count around in a circle to find out how many children are in school each day.
F.L and S.K explore pattern blocks
N.R plays with the dominoes
B.W lines up the dominoes
M.P works with the foam shapes

R.D created this with the foam shapes
In writing workshop, we have explored a variety of writing tools including pencils, erasers, pens, crayons, markers and color pencils. The children will be using these tools to write this year.
K.L draws a building
F.L draws with the pencil
G.Y colors in his monster with the color pencil
B.W uses markers
C.G makes sure to put the cap of the marker on the top while using it
Each child also received a folder to keep the writing they'll be doing throughout the year. This week, we worked on personalizing them.
K.Z decorates his folder
We have also been slowly opening language through play centers.
In art center, students learned to use scissors and glue sticks and a variety of paper.
Q.Z cuts the construction paper
He created a boat
We also learned about circle maps this week. Circle maps is one kind of thinking map. Thinking maps are used throughout our school to help organize our thinking. The students created circle maps to list things they like.
Hope to see everyone this Thursday for back to school night!