Monday, September 9, 2013

Happy first day of school!

Happy first day of school everyone! What a great day! :) Today was a short day. We learned about the routines of our classroom and school. We learned new names of new friends and we learned some new songs too!

We always start our day with a morning meeting, which consists of a greeting, a share, a short game/activity and choral reading of our morning message!
This was today's morning message!
One of the most important things we went over today were the hand symbols which are used in every class and grade in the whole school.
Hand symbols chart
Review these symbols with your child at home to reinforce them! Crossed fingers for bathroom, three fingers (to form a W) over the mouth for water, and a quiet thumb to the heart to share/talk.

Every day we add a red dot to our ten frames chart and a number to our growing number to count to 100 days of school.
We decorated name tags today! We will be using these name tags for awhile so our specials teachers (science, language through music, language through movement, FAN4Kids, lunch teachers, recess teachers) can get to know everyone's names! I laminated these name tags and they're all ready for tomorrow!
Q.Z decorates his name tag

A couple of questions came up today when I spoke with families, so let me answer some! Ms. Liang was with us today to help (each kindergarten class had a supporting teacher) for the first day. Generally, it is just me in the classroom BUT we do have a push in reading teacher and a push in ESL teacher that comes in daily for an hour. Thank you everyone for the supplies! The most important supply is another change of clothes for your child!

Also, we get a working snack everyday (refer to snack notice in your child's folder). We have a severe peanut allergy and an egg allergy in our class so please do NOT bring any snacks with peanut butter/peanut oil/egg/etc. in the snack. 

Please email me with any questions/thoughts you may have. I am currently training intensely for the NYC marathon so emails will be answered in the late evening until early November. :)

Reminder, tomorrow is a full day--we will line up in the morning in the school yard and dismissal will be in the cafeteria! :)