Sunday, October 6, 2013

Learning Shapes, Literacy Centers

Happy October everyone! Our weekly recap---

We continued working on partner reading. Children are becoming experts at transitioning from independent reading to partner reading daily.
J.Z and K.L reading
L.O and E.V reading The Three Billy Goats Gruff
J.J and C.G reading Bunny Cakes

We are at the end of our first writing unit and this week we began working on publishing our stories. We worked on editing (making our writing better), adding labels and creating covers.
N.R added more details to his Doctor Who story
G.Y's story with labels
J.C labels all the items in her picture

This week in math, we learned the following shapes-circle, square, triangle and rectangle. We reinforced these shapes through a variety of math centers!
One math center we learned was pattern block puzzles!
Q.Z creating a giraffe with pattern blocks
L.O and E.V with their puzzles
J.C creates a fish
E.W with her puzzle
K.L makes a fish
We used white boards to practice making shapes!
K.L draws a circle
J.C and B.W with their circles
Look at all these circles!
We also used the SMARTboard to practice making shapes.
They also got to create shapes with play dough.
R.D made a triangle
J.C also creates a triangle
B.W makes a square
S.K makes a circle
M.P made a triangle
G.Y's shapes
M.P's shapes
L.O's shapes
We also used geoboards to create shapes--
Word Study
We created a name poster and read the poster together! The students came up and wrote their names and we read the sentences.
Children went back to independently fill out the sentence, draw a matching picture and read their sentence!

We introduced a variety of literacy centers this week. We will be doing literacy centers when Ms. Darell and Ms. Rebecca come in! We worked with a variety of letter manipulatives to write words, names, etc.
Language through Play
We opened up block center!
Reminder--this Wednesday, we have a trip to the Queens County Farm! Please make sure your child wears comfortable shoes!