Sunday, October 20, 2013

Writing in our world

We started a new writing unit this week! For the next couple of weeks, we will be exploring all kinds of writing. It is important for children to see the importance of writing and how writing is everywhere! We started off by exploring different types of writing (cards, postcards, invitations, advertisements, menus, maps, etc). Thank you for those that brought in writing examples!
We took it outside the classroom and looked for writing around the school! The children were great at using the clipboards and drawing/writing their observations!
Then, we took it a step further and went outside the school and around the block to look for writing!
We opened more literacy centers this week as well-Big Book Center, where children read big book using pointers with a partner.
We also opened up our classroom library, where students get to read different genre books.
In reading, we have also been talking about how readers feel when they read stories. We worked on talking about what we feel and explaining why we feel that way.
Our circle map of feelings
We have been working on learning and practicing numbers this week and learning how to count through games. One game we learned is Racing bears. This is a game we play with a partner, you roll the die, count the dots, move your bear and then your partner goes. We emphasize counting and making sure you are moving the number you roll.
Language through Play
This week we finally opened up our dramatic play center!
-Take home books were sent home on Friday. Please make sure your child sends back the book every Friday. We will be switching books only on Fridays!