Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Roll and Record, More Language through Play

We have been learning a lot of math games! The children really enjoyed one we learned recently, Roll and Record. For this game, students play in pairs. They take turns rolling a die and coloring or writing the number above the number they rolled. This supports their number recognition, number writing and counting.
Some wonderful moments during language through play...

Visiting the Transit Museum

Thank you to all the families that came to Parent Teacher Conferences. It's so important to have these conversations and it was wonderful to meet families I haven't met previously!

Last Friday, we went to the New York Transit Museum. It's a super fun museum full of history! It's also one of the museums you can visit with your cool culture pass. Located in Brooklyn and in an old subway station, the museum is full of transit memorabilia and train cars from the past.

Each child got to go on the bus and "drive" it!

We also got to create our own buses!
After creating the buses, we got to walk around the museum for a bit. We saw subways from the past and even got to sit in several of them!
A caboose
Miss Molly, our tour guide, tells us about the seats on this old subway car
We hear a story about subways

Thank you to all the parents that came with us to the transit museum!
This week, we started our new reading and writing units. We will be reading and writing pattern books. This is when students will begin to read words in their books and begin to write sentences in their writing.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Recap of October

Happy November everyone! I'm so glad we're nearing the holidays! I finished my first marathon last Sunday! Mr. Andy (one of our school's prek teachers) rogue ran 4 miles with me and Mr. Groff (our school's principal) ran about a mile with me too!
I brought my finisher medal in on Wednesday to show the children. I wanted them to know that with hard work, anything is possible!

Last week, we also celebrated Halloween! The children loved the story Creepy Carrots, so as a craft project we made creepy pumpkins!
This wasn't planned either!
a fairy, a butterfly, a witch and strawberry shortcake
L.C and J.Z paint their pumpkins
M.P, S.F, S.L and N.R painting
M.P adding details
Check out the finished creepy pumpkins!
Teachers dressed up too!
In reading, we have been focusing on retelling the story using our memory and the pictures. We've been reading our star books (emergent story books). This week, we started talking about changing our voices to be like the characters in the text.
In writing, we have been looking at different kinds of writing in our world and creating them. So far, we have created postcards, cards and coupons. The purpose of this unit is to have students understand that writing is all around us, it's important and it can be used for different purposes!

The front of B.W's postcard
The back of B.W's postcard
S.C's postcard
The back of S.C's postcard
J.Z's postcard
The back of J.Z's postcard
K.Z's postcard from the zoo
C.G wrote a postcard for L.O from Chuck E Cheese
L.O made a postcard from Japan
In math, we have been learning numbers from 1-10 with quick images and we started working with rekenreks. Children will be using rekenreks throughout their school years at TALES.
K.L and R.D using the rekenrek
In language through play, I've introduced the beautiful junk basket in our art center. The beautiful junk basket is full of things that would otherwise be considered "junk" and we reuse these items for art!
M.P creates a power source
B.W uses the toilet paper roll to create a bridge
R.D wanted to create an island
B.W places his bridge on the paper
R.D's completed island
Other photos from language through play--
November seems like quite a short month, but it is full of fun things to do and holidays off too! Check this link for updated important dates! Reminder, this following Monday there is no school!