Monday, December 16, 2013

December Update

Hi all! Sorry for such a delay in blog posts, with the holidays-its been quite hectic both in and out of school!

We are finishing up our pattern books unit this week! We learned a lot of strategies this unit especially using the picture and initial letter to figure out new words, pointing 1:1 match with our words and our finger, what to do when we get stuck, and ways we can help a partner during partner reading. A lot of the books on are actually pattern books! Check for your child's log in on the front of their blue folder!
The hand has sequence words on them to help students retell stories
We are also finishing up writing pattern books. Students have learned different kinds of pattern books-1 line pattern, 2 line pattern, see-saw pattern and a pattern book with a twist!

We started a measurement investigation last week! It all started with a problem! I told the students about my friend, whose dog ate her shoes! We made a multi-flow map to think about the causes and effects.
I told them that when my friend went to the shoe store to get new shoes, the shoe salesman had no way to take her shoe size! OH NO! But my friend did have unifix cubes! I asked the students to think of how she could use the unifix cubes to figure out her size. The first day, we investigated using our own shoes and the second day, we used our partner's shoes
S.L puts unifix cubes around N.R's shoes
S.K took off her shoe and put a stick of unifix cubes on the side
S.C and B.W measuring each other's shoes
N.R measures around the boot and the height of the boot
Measuring around the shoe
S.K puts the unifix cubes next to her shoe
J.Z puts the unifix cubes on the bottom/heel of her shoe
Q.Z puts the unifix cubes next to his sneaker
F.L takes off her shoe and traces it first
E.W also traces her shoe first
J.C also traces her shoe
Q.Z's sketch of what he did
B.W's sketch

After our two day investigation, we went over the different strategies we used to measure. Here are some of them
-tracing the shoe, then taking the unifix cubes to count out how long
-putting the unifix cubes around the shoe
-putting the unifix cubes on the side of the shoe
We talked about which method would be the best way to have the shoe salesman find new shoes. We decided that putting them on the side is a great idea and on the third day, we all tried out this method.
B.W measures his shoe 
K.L measures his shoe
Q.Z measures his shoe
J.C measures her tracing
M.P measures his shoe 
We then took what we learned and measured different things in the room.

The students recorded their discoveries in all different ways--
We shared our results on the rug with our turn and talk partners.
Today, using clipboards and unifix cubes, the students walked around the room and measured items around the classroom.
S.L measured her water bottle
E.W measures the closet label
S.K and S.C measure the jack o lantern together
B.W measures a pen
K.Z measures the tissue box
Q.Z measures the lantern
M.P measures one of the center schedules
Here are some of the children's results
We also shared our results with our turn and talk partners.

We took advantage of one of the snowy days and made a circle map about things we could do in the snow! Even though it may be cold and wet out, try to go outside with your child so they can have a different outdoor experience!
K.L's circle map for things to do on a snowy day
L.C's circle map included napping, watching TV, making a snowman, making snowballs
Reminder, this Thursday, our class is putting on a play in our classroom, The Three Billy Goats Gruff at 11:45am. Please try to come and see! The children have been putting a lot of hard work into the play. We even made costumes! Afterwards, we have a small craft for families to help with! Hope to see you there! :)