Monday, December 22, 2014

Holiday Concert

Last Friday our school had a holiday concert! Each grade performed a couple of songs! I saw lots of families made it but in case you didn't, I have some videos of the two songs our class sung! Special thanks to Ms. Kim for all her hard work, she rehearsed and planned the whole concert. The children did a wonderful job!

Check it out here--

Reminder, tomorrow at 11:00am is our Three Billy Goats Play in our classroom, followed by a family craft!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Finishing up December with Measuring!

This month, we started our measuring unit in math! I told the students about a problem I had. My dog had eaten my shoes and when I went to the shoe store, the shoe salesman had no way to measure my feet to size what size I was, but luckily I had some unifix cubes! I asked them to figure out how to figure out shoe sizes with unifix cubes! They went off to explore using unifix cubes and their own shoes and feet!

We listed the different ways we measured in a circle map-

Today, we used unfix cubes to measure things in our classroom. The children used paper on clipboards to record their observations and what they measured.
After their exploration, they shared with their turn and talk partners about what they measured and what they discovered.

We also shared using the document camera on the SMARTboard.

At home, work on measuring different things using smaller items such as paper clips or cubes or coins even. Talk with your child about different ways to measure.

Here are some online measuring games:
How Tall? 
Measuring Up 
Best Measure

Reminder, this Friday at 10:30 is our holiday concert! Please meet us in the multipurpose room to watch!

Next Tuesday at 11:00 is also our class play of The Three Billy Goats Gruff followed by a family ornament activity.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Check it dots!

Hi families! We are in the midst of December and the students are finishing up our current units in reading and writing. Soon the students will be preparing for just right books, where they will get to choose their own books and begin to read sentences on their own!

In writing, we have been working on finishing our pattern books. This entails revising and editing. Recently, we learned about check it dots. This is a school wide system that all students from kindergarten to third grade will be using. Check it dots remind students what they need to edit. So far our class has learned about periods, capitals and finger spaces so they put check it dots on the bottom of their pages when they have checked their writing for these items.

Last week, we finished up our counting unit through learning more math games. One of these games is Top It. If you have a deck of cards at home, you can play this at home or if you don't, you can make number cards and play with your child. You divide the cards evenly and each person shows the top card, whoever has the highest/greater number takes both cards.
Another game we played was building towers, where pairs of students roll a die and build a tower with the number of cubes they rolled.

On Tuesday, December 23rd, our class will be performing a play- The Three Billy Goats Gruff. I encourage families to come and watch our class. We will be practicing every day! Following the performance, families can create a holiday ornament to take home with their child! This is will be a great way to celebrate the holidays in our classroom!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Lessons for the first week of December

Hi Families! I am currently taking an online course on using digital tools to differentiate learning. One of my assignments was to place a week's worth of lessons on my class website for students to view. I will be posting this week's lessons below with supporting activities at home and supporting websites too!


  • Reading-Readers look at the pictures to figure out difficult words. 
Use and in your book room, read 3 books and write down 2 tricky words. Use the pictures to help you figure out the tricky words. 
Go to, login using the school password and listen to any story. 
  • Writing-Writers will begin their see-saw pattern book. 
Watch and listen to this story- I Went Walking by Sue Williams 

This is a see-saw book, the pattern goes back and forth. Begin your own see-saw pattern book at home. 
  • Math-Greater/Less than

  • Reading-Readers look at the first letter to figure out difficult words. 
Use and in your book room, read 3 books and write down 2 tricky words. Use the first letter to help you figure out the tricky words. 
Go to, login using the school password and listen to any story. 
  • Writing-Writers will continue their see-saw pattern book. 
Write the next page of your see-saw pattern book. 
  • Math-Review greater/smaller

  • Reading-Readers make sure their pointer finger doesn't get ahead of their reading voice. 
Use and in your book room, read 3 books and point under the words as you read. 
Go to, login using the school password and listen to any story. 
  • Writing-Writers will revise their pattern book.
Reread your writing, add details to your pictures. 
  • Math-introduce concept of equal/same 
Replay the games from Monday and Tuesday. 

  • Reading-Readers make sure they use their finger to match their voice with the words they are pointing to. 
Use and in your book room, read 3 books and write down 2 tricky words. Use the pictures to help you figure out the tricky words. 
Go to, login using the school password and listen to any story. 
  • Writing-Writers will continue revising their pattern book. 
Reread your writing, make sure you have finger spaces and capitals. 
  • Math-Continue greater/less/equal

  • Reading-Readers go back and reread when they get stuck on a word. 
Use and in your book room, read 3 books and write down 2 tricky words. Go back and reread the sentence after you figure out the word. 
Go to, login using the school password and listen to any story. 
  • Writing-Writers share their writing with others. 
Share your book with a family member at home. 
  • Math-Review numbers 0-20

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi Families!

Reminder this Thursday and Friday, school will be closed for Thanksgiving. I want to wish all families a wonderful and restful break and I hope that you all get to spend cherished time with your loved ones.

Today as I was walking into the office, P, from our class introduced me to his cousin and uncle and as I passed by he said "Look, there's my teacher-come meet her!" I was so proud!

This month, the children are beginning to read and write. For reading, they have been reading pattern books. These are books with a repetitive text. For example: "I have a cat. I have a dog. I have a bird." This will help student to begin to notice sight words and it will build their confidence in reading.

In writing, the children are writing their own pattern books. This also reinforces the use of sight words and will build their confidence in writing. Here are some examples:

In math, we have started to learn how to count backwards and how to count by 10s. When you have a minute or two at home, count with your child.

Here are some good games for sight words:
Sight Word Bingo
Sight Word Spelling

Here are some games for counting:
Counting backwards train
Count the vegetables 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Happy November!

Sorry for not posting in awhile. I ran the NYC Marathon nearly 2 weeks ago! I was excited to have crossed the finish line and even happier to celebrate with fellow TALES teachers, Ms. Mark (2nd grade) and Ms. Reilly (3rd grade).
We finished up our writing in the world unit recently! The class created buttons to wear! Here are some of their buttons-
I.W's button says to "Stop drop and roll" 
Q.D's "I like to play" button
C.S' "No hitting" button
P.L's "Love" button
This month, we started new units where the children will begin reading words and writing words! We have been reading and writing pattern books! Work at home on reinforcing sight words (the, and, in, etc.) to help your child recognize these words in books and also write them in their own books!

In math, we are continuing to work on numbers to 10 and we've been learning different games to practice numbers. We also read 10 Dots by Donald Crews and created different things with 10 dots!
Another game we recently learned is roll and record, where students work in pairs to roll and die and record it on a sheet.
The children also created dot image cards that they took home. You can use these cards or other items to practice counting items from 0-10.

Reminder next week is a short week. There is no school Thursday and Friday in observance for Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Trip to the Transit Museum

Last Friday, our class went to the Transit Museum! We had a fun time learning about transportation and viewing older trains! Our class even got to make a bus to take home!

After making our buses, we went on a tour around the museum. Our first stop was to learn about buses and we sat on a bus!
We even took turns driving the bus!

Then, we went to look at different trains! Our tour guide, Mr. Yule taught us about what goes on trains and we talked about how the trains looked different from today's trains.

We ate lunch at the museum surrounded by all different kinds of signs!

At the end of the trip, we took turns going through the turnstiles!

When we got back to school, we celebrated Halloween! Some students changed into costumes!