Monday, January 6, 2014

Discovering Weight

Happy new year everyone! 2014 is sure to be an exciting new year! We started off the new year with new reading and writing units. In reading, we are starting to learn reading strategies with books that students can read. Every child chose "just right books" for their book baggies. Just right books are books that the students can read independently, it's not too easy or too hard. We've been talking about how to decide if a book is too easy/too hard. Just right books are books where there are a few challenging words and the book makes us think and we can say a lot about the story.
In writing, we started our author study. The book we are basing our author study on is Night at the Fair by Donald Crews. We listened to the story and made a circle map to list all our noticings.
Today, students made a circle map to list the ideas they have for their own personal narratives that will be modeled after Donald Crews' writing.
In math, we have been talking about weight and how to measure weight. Today, students were given a variety of items and asked to decide if it was heavy or light.
E.W feels the feather
K.L shakes the item to decide if its heavy or light
E.V carries the book to decide its weight
G.Y feels the block
L.O feels the paint jar to see if its heavy or light
Students were blank paper to record their findings. Some students chose to use thinking maps to record their discoveries.
At the end, we shared our findings and put our shared findings on a tree map. We sought to answer the questions, "What is heavy? What is light" but we also talked about "How did you know that?" We put some of what the students said in the frame of reference.
Reminder, this Thursday we are going to Alley Pond Park. Please dress your child comfortably for the trip!

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