Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Partner Talk and Oral Storytelling

This week, we started new reading and writing units. For reading, we will be focusing on partner talk. This will help to develop comprehension skills and give students more opportunities to talk about the stories they read.
Today, the students used post its to mark a page in their books that made them think or wonder and they shared it with their partner.
N.R said to his partner S.L "I wonder why the snake is in the water"
K.L said to his partner S.L "I think that the nurse is going to clean the teeth"
J.C marked the page she was thinking about with a post it
In writing, we just started our oral storytelling unit. For this unit, we will be telling stories not with pens or pencils but with our voices. So far, we have just been immersing ourselves with oral storytelling. I have shown the students videos on the smartboard of authors telling stories and I have been telling a story with the help of some photos. The students also got to look through a variety of books to get ideas they can tell. The books were full of different activities that the students might make connections with (going to the beach, going to a museum, going on a vacation, going to the doctor or dentist, etc.)
S.C looks through a picture book about eating at a dim sum restaurant
R.D said that this book reminded her of a birthday party she had
E.V was reminded of playing in the snow.
Today, the students created circle maps to list their ideas for their oral stories.
J.C's circle map-some of her ideas included getting a haircut, going to Macy's, going to China
N.R's circle map-going to the dentist, going to the museum, going to Chuck E Cheese
One of K.L's ideas was going snow tubing...here is his picture of him snow tubing!
M.P's circle map includes baking a cake with his mom, going on vacation, going to Chuck E Cheese
G.Y's circle map includes going to the library, going to the park
Some of you may have noticed, but the homework packet this week has some copy errors. Please disregard the pages that are missing directions/an additional page.

Also, I will be sending home a note, but if you have photos at home of your child doing a special event (going on a vacation, doing a hobby such as biking/building a snowman, etc.) please email them to me at esther.eng@gmail.com and we will put it on the SMARTboard and have the students share their story orally.